Exploring the Versatile Skill Set of a Resourceful Professional

My varied skill set comes from working in different fields throughout my career. I’ve gained knowledge and expertise in several areas, from helping with office tasks and serving customers to providing remote support and building websites. I’m good at keeping high standards and adapting to change, which has helped me do well in all parts of my work.

At ONTHERISE DPT, where I am a Micro-Business Owner, I align plans with goals, maximize profitability, and adapt to changing markets. I manage budgets, reports, and control costs to ensure sustainability while maintaining profitability and quality standards. I also oversee workflow and resource allocation, motivating my team to work collaboratively and with integrity to achieve our goals.

As a Program Administrative Assistant at Tokyo Academics, I honed my skills in communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. I managed calendars, schedules, and confidential information for Admission Consulting. My ability to identify top schools and admission requirements, collect, organize, analyze, and present student records and resources, enabled me to collaborate with stakeholders to achieve project goals and delegated tasks.

Before these roles, I gained valuable experience in customer service, technical proficiency, and leadership as a Customer Experience Team Leader, Remote Support Technician, and Subject Matter Expert at TELUS International Philippines. My active listening, critical thinking, and proficiency in software, hardware, and remote support allowed me to provide excellent customer service while improving processes and motivating my team with clear objectives, collaboration, work ethic, and integrity.

Prior to my career in customer service, I worked as a Senior Computer Aided Design Technician and an Area Sales Supervisor at Sumidenso Automotive Technologies and Enzima International Philippines, respectively. In these roles, I designed automotive wiring harnesses using CAD tools, collaborated with teams to ensure cost-effective and feasible designs, and created sales strategies to meet targets and boost revenue. I maintained customer relationships for satisfaction and loyalty while pursuing new opportunities and market trends to upsell and cross-sell products.

It’s been my practice to always update my self with technological advances in my field and learning new things is something that I’ve always loved to do. I keep design papers updated and organized in my last job as a Senior Computer Aided Design Technician. As a web developer, I became really good at using many different software programs and computer languages, which helped me develop many skills. I am familiar with many tools, including Google Suite, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Remote Access, Virus Removal Tools, WordPress, Avada WordPress Theme, Freshdesk, Video Conferencing Software, Java, C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Video Editing Tools, Image Editing Software, Canva, Slack, HubSpot, and Shopee.

Overall, I am a versatile professional with a resourceful mindset, experienced in adapting to change, innovating solutions, and maintaining high standards.

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